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Our children's home is located in San Juan de la Maguana, Dominican Republic. We receive our children through a government agency, CONANI, which is the equivalent of Child Protective Services in the United States. We believe that every child deserves a home; every child deserves a family; and every child deserves a place where they belong. Our campus currently consists of three family homes and two independent living homes. Each family home operates independently as a single family unit. Children are welcomed into Love Revolution by a Dominican husband and wife team who will receive them as one of their own. Other children already living within the home will receive each new child as a new sibling. 

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What we do

It is our mission to develop and nurture all aspects of our kids lives:

Love Revolution Children's Home

Each household attends church together on a regular basis. Every Love Revolution staff member understands that demonstrating God’s love and character is the foundation of all that we do. The ultimate goal is to help our young people make a decision to follow Jesus.

Love Revolution Children's Home

Many of the children come to us with a history of trauma. We provide a stable, safe home environment built on trust. It is important to understand and support the individual needs of each child, so we have a therapist who meets regularly with our kids, houseparents and director.

Love Revolution Children's Home

We will not label our children as orphans. Instead, our children are integrated into the community as any other young person. They are encouraged to build new relationships, engage in extracurricular activities,  and pursue their interests.


We emphasize the importance of an education at all ages and at all levels. All children ages 2 and older are enrolled in a private, Christian school that is one of the best centers for education in our area. They receive support through high school and are encouraged to pursue a college education or enroll in trade school after graduation.

Love Revolution Children's home care

It is necessary for our children to receive a balanced diet, proper hygiene, regular exercise, medical care and dental care. Many of our children come with a history of having to search for food and fight to survive, but by demonstrating that their basic needs will be met, they can thrive and enjoy the life of a child.

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